Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Craft Memorabilia

I have acquired a large collection of film memorabilia for the 1996 movie 'The Craft' which is one of my all time favorite horror films. It started about 10 years ago when I first purchased some lobby cards, which were used to promote the film during its theatrical release. I have two different versions of these sets, one from the USA, which measures 11x17 and another from the UK, which is the smaller 10X8 set. Both sets include 8 photos from the movie. Below are scans, as well as photos of the stills.
Next up is the original VHS rental copy which I bought brand new from HMV in Brighton. It's still good as new and I rarely play it, but keep it for completion reasons.
And the DVD collectors edition which I bought from from Blockbusters in Goring.
These are the CDs featuring the music from the film. There were two separate releases of the music from the movie, one for the songs (by Sony music) and another for the score by Graeme Revell (by Varese Sarabande records). I bought the latter from soundtrack specialist store Movie Boulevard in Leeds (now sadly closed) back in the late 90s. It is now out of print. You can hear it here
I picked up this 35mm projector trailer last year on Ebay. It was by far the hardest to get hold of, of everything listed in this blog. The trailer was rescued from an old American theater which was torn down, and it has never been played! I am now looking for a complete 35mm feature.  The trailer is a real gem and one that I cherish though.
Below is a synopsis, used by the media and newspapers at the time of the release. These were only given out during press shows so they are extremely rare, but do occasionally turn up at auction. This one is from the United Kingdom. Photos from the front and back.
This is the official press kit, which like the above synopsis was given to the media at exclusive screenings prior to release. The folder from Columbia Pictures includes a set of black and white stills, production notes housed in cellophane wrapping. I am currently looking for an Exhibitors Campaign Book which is equally as rare. I have only ever seen one turn up on Ebay and that was years ago!

 And finally the original UK Quad cinema poster, which came from the Brighton Odeon after the film had finished running there. I don't have the USA one sheet yet, but it's on my hit list!!!
Thepropstore.com are currently selling several pieces of screen used memorabilia, two of which are original hand drawn pictures that ended up in the book that the girls buy from Lirio's occult store. The color picture is selling for a thousand dollars, so it looks like it'll be a while before I can afford to get hold of this gem, which I want really badly!!!

 A few stills I bought from Movie Market (a film memorabilia shop in the UK). They had some great stills I hadn't seen anywhere else.